Custom Advertisting Jingles for Businesses

James Larson is pleased to announce that he is now creating custom jingles for businesses. If you are a businesses in need of a custom jingle, just let us know!

Professional, high-quality jingles that will get your business noticed!If you've always wanted a good jingle but you're having a hard time finding a musician talented enough to do it, then this could be your chance! I'm happy to work closely with clients to ensure that the final outcome is something both professional and really catchy.


I've been working in music for years, and whether you're looking for the right tune for a site like, or even for a local grocery store, then I can work with you. Just talk to me about what you'd like, and we can get started almost immediately. I enjoy every project I work on, and love to work with new clients as well as my regulars.

If you want to stand out in your customer's mind, you should consider branding your business with a custom produced, memorable jingle.

James Larson is focused on the production of quality, original commercial jingles for radio, TV and the web.

Call today for more information:
615-627-7523 or 615-509-3965


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